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1977 Live Free or Die (single) and Trailer Park (b side) (Shoot the Cat Records)

 1984 Bill Morrissey (first album)  (Reckless Records 1917 and Rounder/Philo 1105)

1986 North (Rounder/Philo 1106)

1989 Standing Eight (Rounder/Philo 1123)

1991 Bill Morrissey (re-recording for CD of original album) (Rounder/Philo 1105)

1992 Inside (Rounder/Philo 1145)

1993 Friend of Mine (with Greg Brown) (Rounder/Philo 1151)

1993 Night Train (Rounder/Philo 1154)

1996 You'll Never Get to Heaven (Rounder/Philo 1194)

1999 Songs of Mississippi John Hurt (Rounder/Philo 1216)

2001 Something I Saw or Thought I Saw (Rounder/Philo 1227)

2004 Bill Morrissey: The Essential Collection (Rounder 11595)

2007 Come Running (Turn and Spin 1125)



 1982  Small Town on the River (Fast Folk 103)

1983 Night Shift (Fast Folk 110)

1985 Married Man (Fast Folk 201)

1986 My Old Town (Rounder Folk on Rykodisc 20018)

1989 Handsome Molly on Legacy (Windham Hill 1086)

1989 Married Man on Ben and Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival ’88 Live (Alcazar 105)

1993 Summer Night (Live) on on WUMB’s Circles in the Stream (WUMB 1)

1994 She’s That Kind of Mystery on On A Winter’s Night (Rounder/Philo 1167)

1994 Birches on Philo So Far (Philo 1161 and Rounder AN 12)

1995 Picnic on Silverwolf Homeless Project (Silverwolf 1002)

1995 Baby Please Don’t Go (with Greg Brown) on Hills of Home:  25 Years of Folk Music on Rounder Records (Rounder AN12)

1995 She’s That Kind of Mystery on The Singe

1997 Letter from Heaven on Folk Live from Mountain Stage (Blue Plate)

1999 Inside (Live Version) and Shake That Things on Touring Troubadors (Rounder)

 2001 Birches on Roots Music: An American Journey (Rounder 0501)

 2001 Fix Your Hair the Way You Used to (Live) and Just Before We Lost the War on New Music Made in new England (Rounder)

 2002 She’s That Kind of Mystery on The Singer Songwriter Collection (Rounder 11591)le Dose, Live from Studio A, Vo

2003  23rd Street on Double Dose, Live from Studio A for WCBE Radio



1994 Shared vocal on Drunk with Buster Poindexter (David Johansen)’s album Buster’s Happy Hour

1996 Shared Vocal on Let’s Get Some Beers with Pete Nelson on Pete’s The Restless Boys Club (Signature Sounds)

1997 Background Vocals on Bob Martin’s The River Turns the Wheel

2001 Shared Vocal with Peter Case on Pay Day on Peter’s Album, Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt (Vanguard)



1991 Peter Keane’s The Goodnight Blues(Northeastern)

1992 Ellis Paul’s Say Something(Black Wolf/Eastern Front)

1996 Peter Keane’s Walkin’ Around (Rounder/Flying Fish)

2002 Karaugh Brown's One Round Orange (One Room Records)


ARTISTS WHO HAVE SUNG HIS SONGS (click through to the artist websites for more information)

Peter Cooper released a cover of "Birches" on his Red Beet Records 2013

Mark Erelli Released an entire album of Bill Morrissey songs, Milltowns. (2014)

John Gorka released a cover of "She's That Kind of Mystery" on his Bright Side of Down album (Red House Records 2014)

Lucy Kaplinsky released a cover of "Texas Blues" on her Tide Album (Red House Records 1994)

Peter Keane released a cover of "I Wonder If I'll Ever Leave" (co-written by Leroy Preston) on his Walkin' Around album (Flying Fish, 1996)

Cormac McCarthy released "Marigold Hall" (co-written with Cormac McCarthy) on his Picture Gallery Blues album, (Green Linnet, 1996)

Erika Wheeler released a cover of "Casey, Illinois" on her Three Wishes album (Signature Sounds 1999)


SONGS ABOUT BILL MORRISSEY THAT OTHER ARTISTS WROTE AND RECORDED (click through to artist websites for more information)

John Gorka wrote "Don't Judge a Life" about Bill and released it on his Bright Side of Down album (Red House Records 2014)

Mark Erelli wrote "Milltowns" about Bill and released it on his Milltowns record 

Garnet Rogers wrote "Shadows on the Water" about Bill. 

Cormac McCarthy wrote "Crossroads" about Bill.